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Why to Apply Chinese University Through CISS

Why Choose CISS

Choosing a university is such an important decision because it’s one that follows you now and into the future. So let CISS help you!

What is CISS?

CISS is a online application platform authorized by every universities on CISS rather than an intermediary. In CISS , there are two kinds of universities. One kind is that they authorize CISS as the only official application system. The other one is that they authorize CISS to assist them to enroll international students and CISS is an official representative of these universities.

Do I apply for the university directly?

Yes, CISS is a platform for you to choose different great universities at the same time. The application work is processed on the universities websites and dealt with by admission teachers of universities.

Does CISS provide one-stop service?

Yes,CISS provides one-stop service, including university application, accommodation reservation, and airport pick-up Service.

Reminder: CISS universities all provide airport pick-up service. If they couldn’t pick upyou as rules, your taxi fees would be reimbursed totally.

Is it better I don’t apply through CISS?

NO, there are CISS rules that all CISS universities should follow.


  1. Once submitting application, Student can get response of the university through Email within 1 working-day.

  2. All the application completed through CISS should be preferentially handled by university staffs.

  3. 4 payment methods including PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Transfer through Bank of China.


  1. Student who applies through CISS may get admission result within 2 weeks.

  2. E-offer will be issued within one week. Paper Offer will be posted within two weeks or three weeks.

  3. Universities on CISS post admission notice and JW 202 form by DHL to make sure safety and efficiency.

Pick-up and Accommodation

  1. Provide airport pick-up service. If the university couldn't pick up as rules, the taxi fees would be reimbursed totally.

  2. Students can finish online accommodation reservation through CISS and accommodation on campus will be guaranteed. See more

Scholarship opportunity

Except the scholarships of universities, there are three types of CISS scholarships for applicants through CISS, including CISS Scholarship for Special Programs, CISS Specific Nationality Scholarship and The Distinguish International Students Scholarship. See more

So all of these you couldn’t get if you didn’t apply through CISS and is it better for you?