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The 2nd Annul International Student Welcome Party Held in Wuhan

On Jan. 11th, 2014, China International Application Center(CUAC) held the 2nd annual welcome party in Wuhan for the international students who apply for China Universities and successfully get admission in China through CUAC. The theme of the party was “Thanks for choosing us--CUAC”. Over 50 international students from different countries and universities had great fun in the party.

The students were from Singapore, England, the US, Indonesia, France, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Korea Pakistan and so on. Most of them are studying in Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology、Huazhong institute of technology、Central China Normal University and Hubei University Of Technology etc. Foreign students and our admission advisors enjoyed the various food and shared their own experiences together.

After the meal, there were some games. "Guess the words" and " Truth or Dare " amused the participants the most. Claire Chanetsa from Wuhan University of Technology participate the " Pass the action, Guess the word". She was required to do some actions and gestures to describe a word clearly and accurately to the next person so that the last one could guess it. The international students felt that through this game they had learned each other better and improved their friendships of different countries. They didn’t feel lonely and helpless in China any more coz they made many wonderful friends here.

At the end of the party, all the students said that they had had a good time. And they would introduce CUAC to their friends who want to study in China as it is professional and reliable in helping students get the admission. As for Najeeb, doing financial management master degree in Wuhan University, he won the lucky prize of the partydeclared this party a great success and hoped to cooperate with CUAC as student agent in the not so distant future.

Najeeb won the lucky prize

Thanks for choosing us!