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Kills two birds with one stone---UIBE makes it

“I worried much about my economics courses till I found University of International Business and Economicsoffering English-taught programs.This is perfect coz it helps me get through the difficulties of learning Chinese without affecting my professional courses. The most amazing thing is that it is one of the few first rate universities offering spring intake in China.” A  student from Canada, Mu Lele remembered the very first moment in UIBE. She is now studying economics in UIBE.

Learning Chinese is also the most important thing for Mu. “Comparing with learning from textbooks, I prefer vivid teaching methods of our teachers. They encourage us to use Chinese as much as possible, participate in various activities, improving my Chinese fast. Now I can even debate with my classmates in the professional courses with Chinese. ”She also took part in The foreigner idol, a popular activity for foreign students in UIBE.

Well, from Mu Lele, you must feel that she had a great time in UIBE. What kind of life youare in? To have more colorful and wonderful life, try UIBE! With you, I will be; CUAC helps you get it easily.

The follows are the course setting of UIBE in autumn,2014. There are rich courses for the international students to choose.