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How about a lover from China?

Happy Valentine’s Day! But you do not have a lover now? Want to get a lover from China?Chinese girls are beautiful, tender, most with long black hair. Chinese boys are handsome, generous, with filial to parents.

China is a developing country with large amount of population. Chinese people are always warm-hearted, friendly and kind. More and more foreign friends will come to China, study, work or even residence.

And with the tendency of globalization, international education becomes more and more popular. Graduates with oversea education background are always welcomed. If you are a student now, come here, study in China, maybe you will fall in love with a Chinese and decide to work and residence here one day.If you have graduated, do not worry. You can still come here for further study or study Chinses and enjoy the profound Chinese culture.

To find a Chinese lover, maybe the first step you need to go is studying Chinese first. CUAC will introduce some excellent universities to you to study and have date.

Wuhan University, the most beautiful university in China, ranked top ten in China and with a history of about 100 years. Sakura there is very beautiful, blooming March every year. Wonderful place to study and date.

Chinese Language Program

Tuition fee: 16500RMB/Y

Application fee: 400RMB (70USD)

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Northwestern Polytechnical University, located in Xi’an, one of the most ancient cities in China. And one of the seven world wonders, Terror Cotta Warriors is located there. The most important is that enjoying the delicious snacks and dating with your lover here may be the happiest thing in the world.

Chinese Language Program
Tuition fee: 12000RMB/Y
Application fee: 300RMB (50USD)

Maybe you can find your true love here in China, and do not need to spend the Valentine day alone any more. What are you still waiting?